Kevin Roth

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  • room CAB F 42.1
  • address Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland

I am a passionate physicist and programmer with an endless curiosity for deep learning and AI. I completed my masters in theoretical physics at ETH with main focus on quantum field theory and statistical mechanics of complex systems. Most recently I was developing a model of interdependent neural networks together with an algorithm that allows to localize the most influential nodes responsible for broadcasting information in the brain. My research focuses on the development of generative probabilistic graphical models for structured data such as text and images. The ability to generate real-world data is seen as a key enabler of machines that truly understand the data content our information society is producing at an overwhelming rate. I am excited to break the problem down into its components and contribute to its solution as a PhD with the Data Analytics group of Prof. Thomas Hofmann at ETH and Microsoft Research in Cambridge.