Information Retrieval

Fall Semester 2015

Introduction to information retrieval with a focus on text documents and images. Main topics comprise extraction of characteristic features from documents, index structures, retrieval models, search algorithms, benchmarking, and feedback mechanisms. Searching the web, images and XML collections demonstrate recent applications of information retrieval and their implementation.

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Professor Thomas Hofmann
Teaching Assistants Carsten Eickhoff, Octavian Ganea, Florian Schmidt


1 09/16/2015 Overview Lecture I Exercise I
2 09/23/2015 Crawling, Alerts Lecture II Exercise II
3 09/30/2015 Evaluation & Relevance Lecture III Exercise III
4 10/07/2015 Term Models & Scoring Lecture IV -
5 10/14/2015 Language & Topic Models Lecture V Exercise V
6 10/21/2015 Text Categorization Lecture VI Exercise VI
7 10/28/2015 Learning to Rank Lecture VII Exercise VII
8 11/04/2015 Indexing & Search Lecture VIII Exercise VIII
9 11/11/2015 Advanced Indexing Lecture IX, Lecture X Exercise IX
10 11/18/2015 Link Analysis Lecture XI Exercise X
11 11/25/2015 Recommender Systems Lecture XII Exercise XI
12 12/02/2015 Information Extraction & Entity Linking Lecture XIII Exercise XII
13 12/16/2015 Q&A Lecture XIV -


Lecture Wednesday 9 - 11 h ML F 34
Exercise Wednesday 11 - 12 h ML F 34

Exercises and Examination

There will be weekly exercises that are recommended in order to familiarize yourself with the material covered during the lecture. The final course grade is comprised of two components: A written exam (70%), that will be held in the regular examination period (Jan-Feb, 2015) and three graded projects (3x10% = 30%).

Graded Projects

Project 1 - Web Crawling

due: 14/10/2015 Details

Project 2 - Retrieval System

due: 02/12/2015 Details


An Introduction to Information Retrieval, 2008, Cambridge University Press, by C. Manning, P. Raghavan, H. Schütze.

Scala Resources

Scala Reference Books
M. Odersky: Scala by Examples, 2014
Scala Tutorials for Beginners I
Scala Tutorials for Beginners II
Scala Eclipse IDE


TinyIR code base
Homework 2 solution